Better late than never, here is a video of how we built furniture (storage,kitchen,…) in our van.

Electrical (spot lights)

Luxury having reading lights when in bed right? Indeed it is… of course it’s possible in a van if you want it to be. If you enjoyed this video, please

Audio (door speakers)

Sound system alert! Part one of ensuring we have a pro sound system involved replacing the 2 stock speakers in the front doors and adding 2 tweeters… If you enjoyed

Electrical (underfloor channels)

Happy Sunday spent ripping up floor in the front of the van to lay cable channels for wires needed for sound system & alarm system… If you enjoyed this video,

Electrical (CEE plug)

CEE plugs come in handy for when you need to charge up your batteries (both primary & secondary) from mains, either at home or on a camping site. Rather than

Window Tinting

We opted to tint our windows so we have a little more privacy in the back of the van. Watch the video to see how we squeegee on our FoliaTec

Electrical (part 1)

We won’t lie: drilling into the body work of our van for the first time was tense but a necessary step to hook up the electrics… Watch the video to

Insulating our van

Sticky fingers, cans of glue, baking paper templates and cardboard cut outs… watch the video on how we tackled insulating our van so we’ll stay toasty warm whatever the weather

Pop top roof is mounted

We opted to go for a pop-top roof since when open, there’s room to stand inside and it frees up space downstairs for the storage & kitchen area. Mounting a