Support Climbers Against Cancer

Cancer is a disease that has hit both our families over recent years. Between us we’ve lost a father, aunt and uncle and have a mother and cousin diagnosed but beating it.

Through our website we’re trying to raise funds for Climbers Against Cancer so if there’s content on here – be it climbing info, van life tips or general travel inspiration – that you find useful, entertaining or that encourages you to have an adventure of your own, please consider donating. We’d be forever grateful, whatever the amount.

Climbers Against Cancer is a charity run by volunteers and whose donated money goes 100% towards cancer research. Though based in the UK, their Board of Trustees look at where to donate from a worldwide perspective and regularly hand over lump sums at international climbing events across the globe. The CAC team have already donated 10,000 GBP to the UK and hope to donate to Norway and Switzerland within the next months. Help us make this happen!

If you’d like to donate (anonymously if you like) the link is:

In memory of Cornelia Brack, Richard Charles, Markus Mock