Van Conversion
Furniture Building

Better late than never, here is a video of how we built furniture (storage,kitchen,…) in our van.

Electrical (spot lights)

Luxury having reading lights when in bed right? Indeed it is… of course it’s possible in a van if you want it to be. If you enjoyed this video, please

Audio (door speakers)

Sound system alert! Part one of ensuring we have a pro sound system involved replacing the 2 stock speakers in the front doors and adding 2 tweeters… If you enjoyed

Electrical (underfloor channels)

Happy Sunday spent ripping up floor in the front of the van to lay cable channels for wires needed for sound system & alarm system… If you enjoyed this video,

Electrical (CEE plug)

CEE plugs come in handy for when you need to charge up your batteries (both primary & secondary) from mains, either at home or on a camping site. Rather than

Window Tinting

We opted to tint our windows so we have a little more privacy in the back of the van. Watch the video to see how we squeegee on our FoliaTec

Electrical (part 1)

We won’t lie: drilling into the body work of our van for the first time was tense but a necessary step to hook up the electrics… Watch the video to

Insulating our van

Sticky fingers, cans of glue, baking paper templates and cardboard cut outs… watch the video on how we tackled insulating our van so we’ll stay toasty warm whatever the weather

Pop top roof is mounted

We opted to go for a pop-top roof since when open, there’s room to stand inside and it frees up space downstairs for the storage & kitchen area. Mounting a

This section of our web page will grow in content as we complete the conversion. We will be sharing our findings and tips here for anyone eager to do their own conversion.

The build is divided in the following steps which will be executed in order of listing:

  • Planning

    plan your project thoroughly and be shore to have all the legal documents required

  • Disassembly

    Remove seats, cover panneling, etc. so you have an empty vehicle to work with

  • Protect

    Protect the outside of the vehicle with plastic sheets

  • Cutting

    This is the time for all the rough body work. Cut windows, plugs and vents in the outside of the van. Be sure to follow these points:

    • Measure and mark the part you want to cut
    • Measure again!
    • Tape the cut lines
    • Cut using jig saw or similar
    • Deflash edges using a file
    • Apply rost protection to edges
  • Pop top roof mounting

    Mount the pop top roof to the according cutout

  • water tank mounting

    Mount  underfloor water tanks. In this phase it is the easiest to drill through the floor as nothing is in the way yet.

  • Marquiese mounting

    Mount marquise or similar in this stage if you need to drill through the vehicle walls

  • Insulation

    This is the time to insulate the walls of the vehicle. Remember a good insulation does not only keep you warm in winter but also cold in summer. Therefore take this step serious!

  • Floor

    This is the time to do the floor work:

    • adding railings for seat mount
    • adding floor insulation
    • adding wood floor plate
  • Electrical installation

    Now install all the electrical wiring. Install all the wires for lights and other electrical devices to their future location. This is a very important part in the planing phase as adding an additional wire after the panneling has been done is annoying and time consuming.

    Remember never to route 230V wires alongside lower voltage wires (12V) in the same channel! Also it is beneficial to make the wires about 50cm too long such that the mounting of the device in a later stage becomes easier.

  • Panneling

    Now you can cover the insulation and the walls using wood, metal or whatever you desire. A good method is to use a thin wood and to cover it with speaker fabric which gives the van a professional look.

  • Building furniture

    Build your furniture for the van. It is recommended you do this outside of the van and install in the van only when completely finished. Gas, water and electrical wiring should be added and tested outside the van as well

  • Installing furniture

    Install the furniture and connect gas, water and electricity with it and check for leaks and functionality.

  • Installing lights

    Install lights and test for functionality.

  • Curtain

    Adding curtains and/or  a window frame

  • Test drive

    Time for a test ride!