Van Advice Albania
Albania is an adventure to travel by van. Watch out for the roads... we sometimes wondered how they classify as roads! A four wheel drive wouldn't go amiss in Albania. Be wary of huge unexpected pot holes, an asphalt road becoming a dirt track with no warning and massive, unmarked speed bumps placed with no warning. Aside from poor roads, Albania was an exciting place to travel by van with pockets of wild, unspoiled nature and really friendly people. Definitely recommend it!
throughout Albania we often found water under bridges and on mountainous road bends. Make sure there's no settlement above the spring you choose as Albanians tend to use riverbeds as rubbish bins and so rivers are often heavily polluted. To stay extra safe, stick to bottled water.
the size of the town determines how much fresh food you can find. Basic vegetables you can get anywhere, as well as eggs and honey from roadside sellers. Larger coastal towns always had a choice of supermarkets, mountainous towns less so.
Albania offered countless great spots for wild camping, from amidst olive groves and on beaches to above reservoirs and in forests. A local farmer told us how wild camping would have been impossible 20 years ago but is now more and more common and tolerated provided campers leave no trace of having stayed. If you're staying on farmers' land, make sure to ask permission.
washing in the sea is the way forward in Albania. The coastal, touristy resort beaches would often have beach showers, though not always running in low-season.
everything goes in the same bin, normal rubbish, recycling and food waste alike. Try if possible emptying your rubbish in bins that can be closed - otherwise they're likely to be ravaged by the many stray cats and dogs.
Chemical waste
Albania is full of deep forests where black waste can be disposed of provided your solution is the green type. Campsites are few and far between.