Van Advice Croatia
Key to living happily in a van in Croatia is going in low season when there's no one else but locals about (end of March/beginning of April they start preparing for the season, so best before then). Of all the Balkan countries, Croatia was the toughest to lead a stress-free van life and find suitable overnight spots, but with a little persistence, stealth and open eyes, those hidden gems can still be found where you'll have prime views of amazing sunsets and a secluded beach all to yourself. And for Croatia's incredible coastline it is definitely worth it. Looking out from the main land, island is layered upon island and the sunsets keep you mesmerized, evening after evening. An amazing country to explore by van!
public fountains are few and far between in Croatia (the further North we drove, the more frequent they became) and petrol stations were generally our best bet. Or restaurants with hoses out the back. In the wilder, less populated areas we did find some natural springs (easily identifiable since locals often queue up there to fill their own water bottles).
Konzum and Studenac are supermarket chains you'll find across Croatia, as well as good old Lidl on the outskirts of bigger cities. Not as many markets in Croatia as further south down the Adriatic coast.
the toughest so far on the Adriatic coast. Turned out a lot of coastline is heavily built up, there are campsites every few kilometres and in the lay-bys with good views, there were often "no camping" signs. That said, for over a month we wild camped every night and never had a problem. We found the best option for wild camping was to head up above the coastal villages along dirt tracks, down by half-empty harbours and down one-way streets leading down towards the sea. Back country Croatia had lots of options. Stay away from tourist resorts - the beaches are just as good elsewhere.
The coastal, touristy resort beaches would often have beach showers, though not always running in low-season.
Croatians are great at recycling. Look out for the bright blue/yellow/grey bins.
Chemical waste
campsites (many open all year round) always offer waste disposal. We saw this as the only viable and sensible option when travelling the Croatian coast.