Van Advice Finland
Finland is a joy travel by van. Scandinavia's "Right to Public Access" means you can camp anywhere provided you're 150m from the nearest settlement. We were spoilt for choice of idyllic spots to stop by.
tap water is drinkable in Finland, no problem. Petrol stations always helped us out when we needed to fill up our water tank.
reasonably priced supermarket chains include Kmarket, ABC and Lidl
in Finland you're never too far from a quiet bit of coast or peaceful lake to park up by
some larger motorway services had showers but your safest bet is one of the thousands of lakes with bio soap
laybys on A roads often have large bins for household waste and outside all towns, regardless of size, you'll find recycling for paper, cardboard and glass. Take your aluminium cans and PET bottles back to a supermarket and get money back on them.
Chemical waste
larger petrol stations generally had dedicated chemical waste disposal drains. Use these whenever you can. Despite there being so much forest around, they're all in close proximity to a lake... do not risk polluting these beautiful bodies of water.
motorway services always had great internet access for free. Take a fishing rod to Finland with you... there are lakes everywhere inviting you to catch dinner.