Van Advice Italy
Rural Italy is great fun to travel by van, Italian cities not so... if venturing into cities, make sure you're on ultra-high alert. Stick to Italian countryside where possible - you're likely to find stunning spots to camp out, quaint villages to wander through and delicious food on every corner.
the fountains you find in mountain villages can generally be trusted, as can public water fountains along the coast. If it's not drinking water, there has to be a sign.
by far the cheapest option are local markets. If you want a supermarket, most big cities have a Lidl.
Italy likes using height barriers as a way to stop campers stopping at picturesque laybys on the ocean front. If you're under 2m, you're in luck! Along quiet-looking country roads is always a good bet.
get a hot shower at motorway services for 1-2 euros.
for standard rubbish, you'll generally find black bins alongside the recycling bins. Sadly, not all Italians take recycling seriously and although there are separate bins for glass (every village), greenwaste and "recycling mista" (most towns) they are often full of random rubbish. The smaller the village, and the more mountaineous it is, the more likely it will have good recycling. The further south you go, the worse the recycling gets.
Chemical waste
Italy is well prepared for campers dumping their chemical waste. Many petrol stations have these facilities (often for free), on and off the motorway, as well as standard carparks in many towns.