Van Advice Norway
Like its fellow Scandinavian neighbours, Norway is van paradise. Travel Norway by van and you'll be blown away by dramatic landscapes, superb overnight spots and wilderness as far as the eye can see.
water from rivers and waterfalls in Norway is drinkable, especially in the North. Further south it's advisable to ask locals/petrol stations for water. The latter usually have a tap out front free to use.
Spar / Coop / Rema1000 are your best bets. They all claim to be the cheapest, we saw little difference. Rema1000 does the best bread.
Travelling in a van falls into a grey zone with respect to the famous Allemannsretten, or "Right of Public Access", since in a compact van with pop top roof, we're neither motorhome nor backpacking campers. In four months travelling Scandinavia, we never had a problem when sticking to the rules as a camper would: as long as you're 150m from the nearest settlement, you're good.
biodegradable soap in one of thousands of rivers/lakes/fjords.
Norwegians recycle everything possible. Alongside big grey bins for mixed waste you'll find blue bins(paper&cardboard), brown bins (compost), green (metal&glass).
Chemical waste
along the largest motorways (more frequent the further south you go), many petrol stations have official dump stations.