Van Advice Portugal
Portugal by van is a pleasure. You're likely to come across lots of other van dwellers, especially along the coast, either with a surf board or bikes in their boots. Here some tips for travelling Portugal by van:
we followed the same rules with water as we did in Spain... buy bottled water if the water source looks in any way questionable. You will find random water fountains in larger cities but before drinking from them, check with the locals that it's clean.
Lidl, Aldi or local markets in smaller towns.
the van community along the coast in Portugal is tight-knit and everyone is keen on giving each other tips on overnight spots. Wherever there's no sign is fair game. Coastal and country roads are a free for all... head along these for quiet spots with great views.
we didn't come across any public showers but that doesn't mean they exist! Mostly the sea was warm enough, also in October, to take what we've dubbed sea showers.
public bins are readily available in all villages, towns and cities and at most petrol stations.- For recyling: again similarly to Spain, Portugal has green/yellow/blue recycling bins in most towns.
Chemical waste
public toilets are your best bet. Make sure you use an appropriate chemical solution for this.