Van Advice Spain
You'll come across lots of van dwellers throughout van-friendly Spain, of all ages. Engage with them, ask them for tips... you'll be surprised what you might learn. Here our top tips for travelling Spain in a van:
watch out with Spanish water. Water from fountains in mountaineous villages can in theory be OK, but you'd be surprised how quickly your pipes can start getting mouldy with the combination of Spain's hot weather and questionable water quality. Be especially careful with tap water from any coastal areas / big cities. Although it hurts the conscience, consider buying bottled water and recycling the plastic. Your stomach will thank you.
supermercados are your best bet, Lidl is outside most large cities.
one month in Spain, not one official camping ground needed. Anywhere there is no "overnight parking prohibited" sign is fair game. If you're in Spain during low season, you might be lucky and come across a "closed" campsite whose facilities are still available to use and who'll let you park for free. The Costa Blanca area is especially good for this.
public showers are few and far between. Your best bet are sea showers with biodegradable soap.
there are rubbish bins everywhere in Spain: make good use of them and avoid storing rubbish in your van at all costs! Rubbish+heat is not a pleasant combination to return to after an outdoor day.The Spanish are superb at recycling and you can't miss the enormous green/yellow/blue bins dotted around every city as well as along the motorways.
Chemical waste
at most motorway services you'll find picnic areas which also have public toilets. If there's a designated disposal drain, use this. Failing that, and presuming your chemical solution allows for it, use the public toilets.