Van Advice UK
Expect a mixed bag of experiences when travelling the UK by van. Northern Ireland and Scotland are a joy to travel. We had no issue finding picturesque places to stay overnight (Northern Ireland, often with toilets and bins nearby) and people seemed more used to seeing vans around. England and Wales, however, are on the stricter side with restrictions on where you can stay overnight and wardens who regularly check car parks, also the wilder ones.  Stunning scenery and wonderful national parks are to be found across the country.
the UK boasts one of the best qualities of water in the world - make the most of it! In more rural areas, farmers were always willing to fill up our tank.
you'll find the reliable Aldi and Lidl across the UK. Waitrose's own range is allegedly the cheapest place to shop. For local treats, try farmers' markets.
watch out in England and Wales - wild camping is largely illegal and frowned upon. Stay clear of National Trust car parks - here there are wardens that will knock on your van door at 7a.m. If you're going to camp wild, be sure to do so as discretely as possible, and as far from any settlements as possible. Scotland on the other hand is van paradise as long as you follow a policy of 'leave-no-trace' you'll have no issue. If ever in doubt, ask the landowner, they are usually always willing to help.
showers are available at motorway services for a small fee.
rid of rubbish: across the UK you should have no trouble finding bins to dispose of your household rubbish. British recycling plants are located outside most towns with bins for plastic, glass, cardboard, paper and metals.
Chemical waste
presuming your chemical solution allows for it, public toilets are your best bet.