Van Dwellers

Half British, half Norwegian, the outdoors was always a big part of Louise’s life and from an early age on she was interested in exploring what nature had to offer. She started climbing at secondary school and during her studies she joined the Mountaineering Club in Edinburgh to follow her passion. Her first job took her to Switzerland where she’s been loving the mountains and lakes ever since.

People describe Louise as balanced and kind with a big smile on her face. Rumor has it, that the only time special care has to be taken, is when she is hungry or when circumstances request the skipping of a meal.

written by Matthias

Kind-hearted mountain man with climbing in his blood. When not outdoors exploring, he daydreams about outdoor adventures and climbs in his sleep going through the moves.

An engineer by trade, he is good with all things electrical, mechanical and technical but also has a hidden creative flair to him. Matthias is home-grown Swiss, having grown up by the lake neighbouring Zurich and spent much of his childhood in the mountains, forests and lakes of Switzerland and beyond. A desire to travel took hold of him after exploring South America alone before studying and hasn’t left since…

written by Louise


Our van adventure...

Following a few nudges from the universe, in July 2016 we packed up our things and headed off on a 14 month van adventure. It’s the best life decision we ever made and we returned to Switzerland energized, in awe of our beautiful world and raring for our next adventure. Below is the route we drove through Europe: